Church Ministries

Brandon Presbyterian Church offers a variety of church ministries for your service and worship of God as well as your progress and participation in the faith. In addition to giving yourself to the means of grace found in the preaching and teaching of God’s Word, participation in the sacraments and in prayer, we encourage you to participate in the ministries of the church whose aim includes the nurturing and discipling of believers, the building up the church, providing for the fellowship and care of our members as well as service both within and outside the body of Christ. Brandon Presbyterian Church offers many opportunities to be edified and to bless others though service on one or more of our various committees as well as participation on a variety of levels within particular ministries. Below is a list of these ministries which are in keeping with our church motto of being a church “Confidently, On the Move, Making Disciples for Christ!”:

Worship Committee, Discipleship Committee, Outreach Committee, Missions Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, Nominating Committee, Personnel Committee

Sub Committees:
Christian Education, Women in the Church, Youth Committee, Children’s Committee, Nursery Committee, Hospitality Committee, Housekeeping Committee

Children’s Ministry, Christian Education, College Ministry, Fellowship Ministry, Internship Ministry, Library Ministry, Meals Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Music Ministry, Nursery Ministry, Prison Ministry, Visitation/Evangelism Ministry, Women in the Church, Youth Ministry.