We encourage visitors to spend some time with us. Visit for several weeks to get a feel for the Christian life at Brandon Presbyterian Church. It takes some time to know if a certain congregation is right for you. But you should not visit forever. Just as this congregation is not independent from others (we are part of the Presbyterian Church in America), so also individual believers are not independent from one another. Membership is important at Brandon Presbyterian Church because by it you are committing not only to the Lord Jesus Christ but to being an active part of the local body of Christ.

We conduct an Inquirer’s Class, or new member’s class, at least once a year. This is a series of weekly meetings led by the pastor that gives detailed insight into the church. While attendance in this class is not necessary to pursue membership it is encouraged.
What is necessary to join the church, whether you attend the new members class or not, is a credible profess of faith in Jesus Christ, repentance of sin, and desire to live by grace as becomes a follower of Christ, which includes participation in this church body to which you are becoming a member.

We accept letters of transfer from other evangelical churches. We do not re-baptize those who have been previously baptized in a Christian church.