Leadership and Staff

Leadership at Brandon Presbyterian Church

In August 2022, Brandon Presbyterian Church formed a search committee to begin the process of searching for our next senior pastor.  If you would like to know more about this process, the search committee would be happy to answer your questions and can be easily reached at:  searchcommittee@brandonpres.com 


Stated Supply beginning January 8, 2023:  Earl Adams


Ruling Elders: Scotty Dickey, Walt Herrington, Gary Morrison, Jim Neill, Jackie Thompson, Nat Whitten, Elton Jay (Emeritus), Charlie Moak (Emeritus)


Deacons: Chris Groebe, Nate Inman, Eric Napier, Andrew Rush, Brian Smith, Luther Stowers, John Thompson, Darrin Tolar, Rich Harrison (Emeritus)

Brandon Presbyterian Church Staff

Directors of Children’s Ministry – Susan and Nate Inman – childrensministry@brandonpres.com

Director of Youth Ministry – Brian Smith

Music Director – Marsha Glover

Organist:  Jacquelyn Thornell

Secretary:  Barbara Sanchez – secretary@brandonpres.com