What to Expect

BPC-SummerOur church building is located on the east side of College St. across from the Stevens Building of Brandon Middle School, in downtown Brandon. There should be plenty of parking in our parking lot, but if not you may park at the Middle School as long as there are no school functions going on there.

There are three main entrances to our church. The main entrance to the sanctuary is visible from College St. It has a ramp and is wheel chair accessible. You will want to use this entrance if you are coming to visit us the first time and only coming for worship. Bulletins, which you will need for the worship service, are available at this entrance. The entrance to the church offices and education wing is under the carport. The nursery is just inside this door to your right. You will want to use this entrance if you are coming for Sunday school or have a baby. You can follow the signs to access the sanctuary once you’re inside. The wheel chair entrance to the education wing is located on the northeast corner of the church. Follow the sidewalk around pass the main entrance to the sanctuary and there

worshipChildren of all ages are welcome in the Worship Service, but we do offer age directed ministries for young ones. There is a nursery for children three and under during Sunday school and during our 11 a.m. worship service. There is also a children’s church for children four years old and under that dismisses before the sermon in the 11 a.m. worship service.

Parents are asked to pick up their children immediately following the service. Then you are welcome to return to the sanctuary or visit with others.

While you are welcome to come dressed in whatever you believe is appropriate for worship, we feel compelled to inform you that our morning worship service is more formal. Our evening worship service is more casual.