We are Committed to Building Community 

We long for genuine communion of the saints that is marked by a depth of fellowship and shared Christian life flowing from our union with Christ.  Fellowship is not merely something we create with each other out of shared common interests. We are committed to building community that is established in our church around the shared love of worshiping God, but that continues throughout eternity as the glorified body of Christ is united together in Heaven to praise and worship God. 

We believe that fellowship is an integral part of church body life.  We want the members of Brandon Presbyterian Church to find deeper friendship and fellowship with each because of the shared bond of love for Christ.  To that end, we encourage members to extend hospitality to one another on a regular basis.  Time spent together over shared meals, prayer, and conversations will strengthen our commitment to one another and to our church.

We also encourage fellowship through periodic shared meals at church, lingering in the hallways before / after church, as well as through spending time together in Bible study and service opportunities.